Karen Takatani

Hi, I am Karen Takatani. I am an Industrial Ergonomist at Boeing.

Karen Takatani grew up (mostly) in Washington, went to school at UW for too many years. Karen Takatani works full time and is a harried mother of two girls. 

Karen Takatani's Background

Karen Takatani's Experience

Researcher at University of Washington

2003 - 2005

Manager and Analyst at AT&T Wireless

1993 - 2004

Aviation Telecommunications Network Analyst, Statistical Analyst, Network Quality Analyst, Network Performance Manager, Multimedia Services Project Manager

Industrial Ergonomist at Boeing Company


Support for creating safer factory manufacturing processes to reduce injury in the workplace

Karen Takatani's Education

University of Washington

2003 – 2005


University of Washington

1986 – 1990


Concentration: Industrial Engineering

University of Washington


Concentration: Industrial Engineering

Karen Takatani's Interests & Activities

Engineering, public health, ergonomics, operations centers, statistics, rhetorical questions, and really witty humor.